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The Funniest Sketch Videos From Sketch Screen 2015

London SketchFest's Sketch Screen brought together a selection of the funniest online comedy sketches for 2015 in front of a panel of judges from BBC Comedy Online and Cofilmic Comedy Film Festival to seek out and award great new talent. 

Screened live on Friday 1st May at the 2015 London Sketch Comedy Festival, 10 films from new and up-and-coming British comedy talent were shown from a range of both live and gigging comedians to lesser known groups creating comedy online. 

The winning video, as voted for unanimously by the judges, was #8 in the selection 'Les Chuckle Brothers' by sketch duo Haiste & Lawrence - a Gainsbourg/Bardot spoof celebrating the Children's BAFTA award-winning comedians Paul and Barry Chuckle. As a prize we will now be working with them to shoot a new video with comedy director Dipak Patel, to be released online later this year. 

You can watch the 2015 Sketch Screen selection below:  



The 2015 Sketch Screen Selection

#1 The Mimegician by Laughing Stock
The dark and twisted tale of the Mimegician, a performer who is half mime and half magician. Halfway through the show the performance takes a sinister turn and the Mimegician is left to suffer his amazing skills as the audience watch on.

#2 What Conversations Really Mean by In Cahoots
A chance encounter between two old friends shines a light on what really happens when we bump into old mates on the street. A sketch that reveals the subtext of a conversation in a fresh and exciting way with two exceptional performers. 

#3 Riddles In The Park by Shunk
You'll never see Traffic Wardens in the same way after watching this sketch from Bistol-based comedy duo Sam Dawe and Paul Holbrook.

#4 King & Queen by Twins
Henry VIII is brought to life in a modern reimagining of life as a tumutlous monarch by sketch duo Twins.

#5 #SELFIE by Don't Shoot The Mermaid
A fresh and inventive spoof on the competitive world of selfies and the extent girls will go to, to get the right look. 

#6 Office Jargon by Bad Handshake
It's hard to imagine how somebody managed to actually write this sketch making fun of the memetic world of PR and it's penchant for phraseology. Just how far can you explain something without actually explaining anything?

#7 Jonah Hill Fan Letter by Charles Booth
Bringing an extra dose of character to sketch comedy Charles Booth reveals an unnervingly chilling encounter with a Jonah Hill fan writing to his idol. 

#8 Les Chuckle Brothers by Haiste and Lawrence - WINNER
Winner by unanimous vote of the judges, Hasite and Lawrence tell the story of the Chuckle Brothers comedy duo in a Gainsbourg/Bardot spoof. 

#9 Edamned by Kaylosia
A strange comic dystopia where a man has to hit the streets to score some cheese and inanimate objects talk. A return to weirdness from this online comedy collective. 

#10 Barberism by Casual Violence
A cutting edge take on a silent comedy sees a man go to a barber shop and get more than he bargained for. A perfectly executed sketch from the masters of tragicomedy. 


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