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304 Fringe shows later

With an average of 11 shows a day, comedy superfan Dave Chapple has been accepted into the Guinness Book of Records for seeing 304 shows at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


It took more than 4kg of documents, including ticket stubs and witness statements to verify his record. The previous Fringe record had remained unchallenged since 1994 with 169 shows.


‘It was a real buzz actually achieving it,’ David said. ‘But the record itself is secondary to the amazing time I had. It was of course very tiring – eating was difficult, and even finding time for the toilet was tough at times – but the adrenaline rush of it all kept me going.’


After watching 304 shows David remarked that one of his favourite shows throughout the festival was by London SketchFest 2014 feature act Beasts and their 2014 show Solo.


The show, which achieved four and five stars at the Fringe later transferred to the Soho Theatre for a January 2015 run. Perhaps the next award will be heading their way.



Mr. Needlemouse a.k.a. The origins of Sonic the Hedgehog by Beasts.

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