04 May 2014 19:00 - 20:30 Mixed Doubles Goose Gein's Family Giftshop zazU

Competition Show 3

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The Act

Goose is a two-man comedy troupe and a one-man sketch show, consisting of performer Adam Drake and writer Ben Rowse.

Ex-Cambridge Footlighter, Drake wrote and performed in the 2011 Footlights tour show 'Pretty Little Panic' with performers who went on to form 'The Pin'. In 2012 he co-wrote and directed 'Beard', a two-woman sketch show, which was selected as a Top 5 sketch show at the Fringe by The List. And at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe he co-wrote and performed 'Robin', a one-man farce set in a TV continuity studio.

Ben Rowse is a writer who wrote sketches and monologues with the Cambridge Footlights and sold out venues in London and Cambridge with his plays. He co-wrote 'Robin' with Adam Drake.

Now back together to create Pilot, a one-set, one-man sketch show: a cockpit cock-up. The show is comprised of various one-man sketches and character comedy, which form the disaster movie pastiche.

The Show

Come up front and meet the pilot in a one-man show, which is to comedy what one-man bands are to bands. Goose bring you a one-man character comedy sketch show set in the cockpit of a plane, following one bored pilot's imagined fantasy of himself as the hero at the centre of a spoof disaster movie. A surreal, fast-paced zigzag through the mind of our incompetent hero escalates in various sketches and character comedy.

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