The Awkward Silence

03 May 2014 19:00 - 20:30 Heffernan & Fletcher Charles Booth The Awkward Silence In Cahoots

Competition Show 2

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The Act

The Awkward Silence are a three-horned sketch beast, prowling the streets of London in search of hearty laughs. Their exploits have seen them shortlisted for a BBC Writer's Prize and nominated for a Writers' Guild Award. They specialise in verbal dexterity and ultra-weird loons.

Robin Ince, Sara Pascoe, and Paul Foot have all performed at their monthly Special Guests night. The Pajama Men said, "Go see The Awkward Silence or die in regret", which sounds quite threatening, doesn't it. The Awkward Silence are Ralph Jones, Vyvyan Almond, and Alex Fox and they can't wait to enter the London SketchFest ring.

The Show

The Awkward Silence's world is one in which bi-annual gobstopper conventions are held; speech impediments jeopardise world domination plans; and Viggo Mortensen comes over for dinner. They are a sketch trio who enjoy absurdity, playing with language, and portraying a wide range of weirdos onstage.

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