Charles Booth

03 May 2014 19:00 - 20:30 Heffernan & Fletcher Charles Booth The Awkward Silence In Cahoots

Competition Show 2

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The Act

Charles Booth is a writer-performer dedicated to sketch comedy. After a year with The Oxford Revue, he packed up his entire life in the UK and travelled all the way to Toronto for two years to study at the improv and sketch Mecca, The Second City.

Back in the UK, Charles took a leap from performing in a group into the world of solo sketch. His first feature-length solo performance appeared at Edinburgh Fringe 2013.

That debut show, We Cool?, crafts rich, striking and human characters but with the flair of the fantastical and the splendour of showmanship, which Chortle described as a masterclass in restrained comic performance.

The Show

We Cool? deals with people either striving to be cool and falling short, or living in a bubble of their own variation on 'cool'. Ranging from the pathos of an eleven-year old Doctor Who fan who reads an excerpt from her first 'erotic novel'; to the gag-based absurdity of a spokesman for Courvoisier VSOP ; to the chilling portrait of a passive-aggressive Scot who is just fine with not being invited to the party.

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