Mugging Chickens

02 May 2014 19:00 - 20:30 Rat Short & Curly Mugging Chickens Guilt & Shame

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The Act

Alone they are:

Robin Hill – interests include films, music and the days. Hasn't seen his dad since 1997.

Theo Weedon – The 'Teeth' of the group. Straight, clean and white.

Billy Osborne – Still missing.

Robert Clarke – Better known as T.V magician 'Dynamo'. Has just passed his grade one guitar.

Together they're Mugging Chickens.

The Show

Mugging Chickens can only be accurately described by people who have seen Mugging Chickens to other people who have also seen Mugging Chickens. Cinematically influenced, genuinely disturbed and above all, performed on a stage, they bring fast-paced , nonsensical surrealism to sketch comedy.

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