Casual Violence

03 May 2014 21:00 - 22:00 Casual Violence

Casual Violence - House of Nostril

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The Act

Expect award-winning tales of horror and heartbreak from Casual Violence, a five-man comedy troupe bewitched by a penchant for the macabre and a delight in despair. They bring to life weird, bleak and off-kilter sketch tragicomedy, uniquely designed to break your heart and split your sides at the same time.

Delightfully odd, Casual Violence are perfect at forming addictive, lively and utterly ridiculous characters for sketch comedy that’s bleak, weird, sinister and silly.

Returning to London SketchFest for the second time, they will be raising the game with a theatrical feast that promises to be darker and stranger than we’ve ever seen.

‘Casual Violence cannot be commended highly enough for making sketch comedy great again’★★★★★ (Three Weeks)

‘Dark, twisted and superb... I urge everyone to look out for them; your kidneys will hurt from laughing’ ★★★★★ (The Skinny)

‘Each sketch is fantastically well-scripted and clever, and the level of professionalism and dedication from these young men is staggering…if this show is anything to go by, they will definitely achieve it’ ★★★★★ (The Public Reviews)

‘Superlative sketch comedy... not a second is allowed to pass without the boys finding a comedy moment... weird, macabre and hilarious’ ★★★★ (The List)

The Show

Following their sell-out run at the Soho Theatre, join the double Malcolm Hardee Award nominated comedy group for House of Nostril - a critically acclaimed nightmare blend of sketch comedy, live music and pure evil. Telling the bizarre tale of the Nostril family and the various inhabitants of their large, Victorian mansion, expect voodoo dolls, chimney sweeps, dyslexia goblins and terrible parents together in the midst of a crazy scheme.

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